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giandujakiss ([personal profile] giandujakiss) wrote2015-02-15 05:50 pm

Due to Tumblr I was recently reminded

of perhaps the greatest art humankind has ever created.

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[personal profile] norwich36 2015-02-16 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
I remember the song, of course, but how have I never seen this video? X-files fandom clearly failed me! (Though maybe that was when I had already drifted away). Thanks for posting this.
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LOVE. Thanks for posting this.
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That was amazing. Thank you.
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That is so beautiful.
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Oh my god YES. <3
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[personal profile] spatz 2015-02-16 09:06 pm (UTC)(link)
WHat. How. I knew the song of course, but that video is just... How did they even pull that off?!? *laughs helplessly* That was beautiful.